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Refrigerator is not cooling

The refrigerator is one of the most crucial items for an optimally functioning kitchen, which means that a refrigerator not cooling has the potential to cause boundless frustrations for the consumer. Perhaps you have discovered this shortfall as you went for a cold glass of milk in the morning only to find a jug full of warm, bitter milk. If the fridge isn’t functioning in the correct manner, then food may not remain at the proper temperature, which can make way for dangerous bacteria to rapidly grow throughout any food stored within the fridge. No one wants to start their morning with a cup full of spoiled milk. Luckily, the consumer can deal with the issue without having to replace the fridge altogether. But, before any action can be taken, the source of the problem must be discovered.

There are various reasons for a refrigerator that is not properly cooling food or drinks stored within. One possibility is an interruption with the condenser fan. If food or some other kind of debris becomes trapped within the motor’s sensitive blades, then this may significantly slow down the input of cool air, allowing the temperature to drop at a noticeable pace. However, even without an external interruption, vital parts of the fridge can simply stop working for seemingly no reason at all. Oftentimes, the evaporator fan will malfunction and prevent the fridge from cooling. Other times, a non-functioning start relay or even a faulty thermostat can be the cause of a refrigerator not cooling.

Another reason for a refrigerator not cooling may be an issue with the condenser coils, which can be located on the bottom of the fridge, the back, or even at the top of the refrigerator. If any grime has built up on the condenser coils, then this will affect the cooling performance and allow heat to become trapped inside. Condenser coils cannot always be easily cleaned without the assistance of a professional due to the risk of damaging the fridge in the process. If all of the devices within the fridge appear to be functioning normally and are clear of any dirt, food, or other kinds of debris, then the problem may be something as simple as an opening that is allowing cold air to exit the fridge and warm air to invade the interior. For example, the seal that trails along the door and holds it firmly in place may have become warn out over time, preventing the door from properly closing.

Doing a simple survey of all of the visible components of the fridge may help the consumer decide what action must be taken. There are times when an issue with a refrigerator simply cannot be fixed without bringing in the help of a trained expert in order to ensure the protection of the refrigerator during repairs and allow the consumer the comfort of knowing every repair will bring the most favorable results. In instances like this, the consumer should contact Appliance Care. This will guarantee that the problem may be dealt with by trained professionals who can fix the issue at hand without causing any more damage.

Fixing cooling problems is just one of the many refrigerator problems we fix! Click here for a more complete list of refrigeration repair services we offer.

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