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Frigidaire Range, Oven & Cooktop Service in Madison, WI

We can help you get your Frigidaire Range, Oven, or Cooktop back to normal quickly and correctly! Our service technicians have repaired your problem numerous times before and would be happy to diagnose and repair your unit as soon as possible.

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We repair these Frigidaire problems:

  • Oven won’t heat up
  • Breaker or fuse blows when turning unit on
  • The digital display on the controls are not working
  • Oven door is stuck and won’t open
  • Irregular oven temperatures
  • Timer is not working
  • Self-cleaning oven feature is not working
  • Oven is cooking unevenly
  • Broiler is not working
  • The light inside the unit won’t come on
  • Won’t turn off
  • Is taking longer to cook than it says on the recipe
  • And more!
  • Stove burner irregularities
  • Smooth top ceramic glass top is cracked
  • Digital controls not working
  • Stove won’t turn on at all
  • Gas stove ignition problems
  • Knobs on my stove are broken
  • Lights on the digital panel are flashing
  • Timer on the stove doesn’t work
  • Flame irregularities
  • And more!

Frigidaire Oven Repair

There are basically three types of ovens used in most homes. If you are looking for oven repair service for any of the types listed below, we can help to get you cooking!

  • Gas Oven
  • Electric Oven
  • Convection Oven

Each of these ovens has their pluses and minuses, and each has varied features. Our technicians service all types of ovens. Contact us online for service or give us a call. We’re happy to help.

Frigidaire Range Repair

Ranges are a stovetop and oven combination unit with units ranging from 500.00 to 8,000.00. We have seen them all and are happy to repair any problem you are experiencing.

Frigidaire Cooktop Repair

Cooktop units are not as popular but for the people who have them they tend to love them. These countertop stoves as some call them are becoming more common place in Wisconsin kitchens. We work on many each year and can assist with almost any problem you may encounter with your unit.

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