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Ice & Water Dispenser Repair Service

Low on ice? We repair hundreds of icemakers each year! Our service repair experts have seen water dispenser and icemaker problems of every kind and would be happy to diagnose and service your unit as quickly as possible.

The convenience of ice at your fingertips or coming straight from the refrigerator door is one of the best inventions of the modern refrigerator. The old way of filling trays with water and making your way to the freezer without spilling has become a thing of the past. But with modern convenience comes modern headaches when the icemaker stops working correctly.  

When making ice, the typical icemaker brings water into the appliance with a water line and an inlet valve. The system triggers the solenoid on the inlet valve and lets water flow into the ice mold. The thermostat signals the ice maker to begin the cycle when it reaches the proper temperature. The motor starts to turn the ejector and an ice mold heater heats the mold enough to release the ice. The ice drops into the ice bin and pushes a shut off arm as the volume in the bin rises. Once it reaches the set level for a full bin, the icemaker will inactivate until the arm goes below the full level and signals to make more.

That’s how it’s supposed to work. But plenty can go wrong. 

We solve common icemaker problems.

  • Water leaking into freezer or on the floor
  • Failure to dispense ice
  • Icemaker fills with water, but won’t freeze
  • Ice won’t drop into the bin
  • No water supply
  • Icemaker won’t stop making ice
  • And more!


If an icemaker starts to make hollow ice cubes or there is low pressure from the water dispenser, it’s time to check water filters or change the supply valve.  

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