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Dryer Repair Service

There’s nothing worse than a pile of wet clothes and a dryer that doesn’t work. We can fix that! Our dryer service experts have been repairing appliances for 25 years. We repair most popular dryer brands.

Our dryer repair service experts have repaired every dryer problem hundreds of times and would be happy to diagnose and repair your dryer too. We can repair most popular dryer brands quickly and affordably.

We troubleshoot and repair common dryer problems.

  • No heat
  • Drum not turning 
  • Shutting off before clothes are dry 
  • Inoperable timer  
  • Dryer tears or rips clothes
  • Failure to start
  • Loud humming noises
  • Flashing display lights
  • Clothes covered in lint after cycle
  • Excessively loud when tumbling 
  • Automatic setting not working 
  • Taking too long to dry
  • Leaving black marks on clothing


A blocked dryer vent, covered lint screen, or malfunctioning heating coils in a gas dryer can lengthen drying times.

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