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How to Maintain Your Large Home Appliances for Longevity

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Don't let appliance issues disrupt your home - take proactive steps today and enjoy peace of mind tomorrow.

Large home appliance maintenance is a good discipline to help extend their lifespan.  Regular maintenance helps keep your major appliances operating at peak performance levels and may help prevent potential issues before they become major problems. We’ve listed a few simple strategies below.

As a reminder, if you need large appliance repair in Madison, WI, we’re always here to help.

Caring for Your Kitchen Appliances

When it comes to home appliance repair services, the last thing you want to call us in for is a non-functional kitchen. Let’s look at the steps you can take to maintain your kitchen appliances:

Refrigerator and Freezer Maintenance

We all experience that terrible feeling when we open the refrigerator and find it’s not cooling properly. Of course, we’re always ready to help with your kitchen appliance repairs, but there are steps you can take to be proactive. Reduce breakdowns by maintaining this important appliance and following these tips:

  • Clean the Coils: Pull the fridge away from the wall twice a year and vacuum the condenser coils. Dust and pet hair can clog the coils, making your refrigerator work harder than it needs to, which can lead to overheating. NOTE: some coils can be accessed from the front of the unit. See your Service Manual for details. 
  • Check the Door Seals: Loose or damaged seals allow cool air to escape, resulting in your fridge working harder, higher energy bills, and more wear and tear on the cooling components. Use a mild detergent and clean the seals. Check for loose or damaged seals and replace them.
  • Keep It Full: A full refrigerator operates more efficiently. You can keep water bottles in small spaces where possible when food supplies are running low, and you haven’t had time to do the weekly shopping. 

Oven and Range Maintenance

Keeping your oven and range in prime condition is a must if you love to cook. Keep these kitchen appliances working well with these tips:

  • Check Your Manual: Although a lot of household appliance brands have similar issues, some are unique to your oven. Always refer to your owner’s manual for specific tips that may be unique to your oven brand.
  • Clean Regularly: Spills and crumbs can affect your oven’s performance. Make sure to wipe down the exterior and interior regularly. Use the self-cleaning function sparingly for deep cleaning, though; it can actually wear out oven components faster.
  • Inspect the Burners: For electric ranges, if your coils are damaged or not heating evenly, they might need replacing. Gas burners should have a consistent blue flame. If not, they might be clogged and require cleaning.

Dishwasher Maintenance

There’s no doubt that dishwashers are a huge time saver in the kitchen. To keep yours running smoothly:

  • Clean the Filter: Regularly cleaning the filter can prevent food particles from clogging the wash system. Check your manufacturer’s instructions on how to remove and clean the filter.
  • Inspect the Spray Arms: Make sure the spray arms are moving freely and not blocked by debris. Clean them out regularly to keep efficient water flow.

Maintaining Laundry Appliances

Have you ever noticed how a washer or dryer always seems to break in the middle of a load? Then it’s off to the laundry mat while you wait for laundry appliance repair. Laundry mats have probably made a lot of money off of that. How can you keep these essential appliances running smoothly?

Washing Machine and Dryer Maintenance

Save those laundry mat quarters for something else. Make sure your laundry appliances keep your clothes clean and fresh with the following tips:

  • Check the Hoses: Inspect washing machine hoses for bulges, leaks, or cracks, and replace them every few years. A burst hose can cause significant water damage.
  • Clean the Lint Filter: Clean out the lint filter before every load in the dryer. This not only prevents fires and reduces the need for dryer repair, but also improves efficiency.
  • Check the Dryer Exhaust: Inspect the outside dryer exhaust outlet for lint and clean as necessary.
  • Check the Dryer Vent: Clean your dryer vent regularly, as well as the interior of the dryer itself. This is usually required every one to three years for most dryers.
  • Use the Right Detergent: Too much detergent or the wrong type can hurt your washing machine, including adding build-up that affects performance. Follow the manufacturer’s guidelines.

Regular Maintenance Inspections

While these tips are great for everyday maintenance, there’s no substitute for professional inspections. Having a technician inspect your appliances annually can catch issues that aren’t obvious to the untrained eye. Our appliance repair technicians can perform deep cleaning, lubricate parts, and make adjustments that significantly extend the life of your appliances.

That’s a wrap.

Regularly maintaining your large home appliances is vital for their longevity and efficiency. The simple tasks we’ve covered can save you money in the long run by preventing major repairs or replacements. 

Remember, when something seems wrong, or if you’re unsure about a maintenance task, it’s best to call us in. As your local appliance repair company in Madison, Wisconsin, and surrounding areas, we’re ready to help you keep your kitchen and laundry functioning smoothly. 

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