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Dryer Service Repair Experts

We can help you with the current dryer problem you are experiencing. Our service repair techs have repaired each of these dryer problems numerous times and would be happy to diagnose and repair your current problem.

NOTE: If your dryer is heating and rotating but the clothes are taking a long time to dry, the problem is related to poor air flow. You should clean your vent first before calling a repairman. The cleaning will likely resolve the issue.

Common Dryer Problems We Can Help With:

  • Shutting off before your clothes are dry.
  • The outside is getting too hot to touch (vent obstruction?)
  • Not heating up.
  • The drum isn't turning.
  • Clothes are being torn or ripped during the drying cycle.
  • There's a burning rubber smell when while running.
  • Clothes are taking a very long time to dry. (vent obstruction?)
  • Won't turn on.
  • Your clothes are covered in lint at the end of the drying cycle.
  • The drum light on your dryer is burned out.
  • The automatic setting or timer doesn’t work.
  • There black marks on your clothes after each drying cycle.
  • And More!

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