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Whether you have a built-in cook top or a professional performance set up, your stove is an essential part of your home. For some, the stove is the centerpiece of the kitchen and is where the magic happens!

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When your stove is not working correctly it can be a real problem! Stoves require many parts to get the job done. Over time parts may wear out or get clogged. Don’t wait until you are down to only one working burner. Give us a call to check out your stove and keep it maintained. We can get there fast and have the tools and experience to get the job done right. Our technicians can work on any brand and any model of stove that you have.


We Solve These Stove Problems:

  • There is a gas smell coming from my gas stove when it’s not on.
    ***Get out of the house immediately and call your gas utility emergency service. This is a dangerous situation and must be taken care of immediately. We can deal with the problem with the stove after your gas is turned off.***

  • My burner won’t get hot.

  • Gas comes on but the burner doesn’t light or the burner is slow to light.

  • Burner won’t turn off.

  • Smooth top ceramic glass top is cracked.

  • Digital controls on my stove are not working.

  • Stove won’t turn on at all.

  • Seems to take longer to boil water on my stovetop than it did in the past.

  • Only half of the burner on the stove is working.

  • Ignition on my gas stove doesn’t always work.

  • When I turn the gas burner down to low, the flame goes out.

  • When I turn the gas burner to high, the flames shoot out from under the pan.

  • Why is the cook top getting so hot on my smooth top range.

  • Knobs on my stove are broken.

  • Error code on your range digital panel.

  • Lights on the digital panel are flashing.

  • Timer on the stove doesn’t work.

  • Flame on my gas stove has changed. It is bigger or smaller than before.

  • Flame on the burners of your gas stove spit or snap.

  • Breaker or fuse blows when you turn your electric stove on.

  • Gas stove clicks when I turn the burner on, but the burner doesn’t light.

Green Cooking Tip:

To save energy when you are boiling eggs, vegetables or pasta you can bring the pot to a full boil. (If you are boiling eggs or vegetables, start them in the cold water. In the case of pasta wait until the water boils and then put in the pasta and bring back to a boil.) Let it boil for 3 to 5 minutes, put a lid on the pot and turn the burner off for the remainder of the cooking time.

For instance: A hard-boiled egg takes 20 minutes from the time you turn on the burner, until you take the lid off. Or if your pasta said to boil for 10 minutes, boil it for 3 and put the cover on for 7. If you like your vegetables or pasta cooked a little more just let it boil for a few more minutes. When going green, every little bit counts!

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