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Yes! We offer Oven Repair Services

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There are basically three types of ovens used in most homes that may need repair. If you are looking for oven repair service for any of the types listed below, we can help to get you cooking!

Oven Repair madison wi

  • Gas Oven Repair

  • Electric Oven Repair

  • Convection Oven Repair

Each of these types of ovens has their pluses and minuses, and every model has different features, but all of them will get the job done. There is a wide range of models and features available. From the basic, get the job done oven to cutting edge computer controlled ovens. One thing is universal to them all…. When they don’t work, it is a major problem for your household.

Champion Appliance Care works on all types of ovens. Our knowledgeable repair and service technicians are experts in oven repairs. Give us a call for fast, efficient, professional appliance repair service for your oven repair needs.

Emergency Gas Oven Repair

If you have a gas oven are experiencing a gas smell in your kitchen, leave your home immediately and call your gas utility’s emergency line. They will come out any time of the day or night to investigate a gas leak.

Once your gas leak has been repaired, call Champion Appliance Care at (608) 227-3669 for any other oven repair service you may need.

We Solve These Oven Problems:

  • The oven won’t heat up.

  • Every time I turn the oven on, I blow the breaker or fuse.

  • The digital display on the oven controls are not working.

  • The oven door is stuck and won’t open.

  • The temperature inside the oven is not the same as what I have set.

  • The oven timer is not working.

  • The self-cleaning oven feature is not working.

  • The oven is cooking unevenly.

  • The broiler is not working.

  • The outside of the oven door is too hot.

  • There is heat coming out from around the oven door.

  • The warmer drawer feature on my oven is not working.

  • The light in the oven won’t come on.

  • My oven caught fire and is damaged.

  • The oven won’t turn off.

  • My oven always takes longer to cook than it says on the recipe.

  • My oven always burns my food when I cook as long as The recipe says to.

  • My food is burnt on the bottom and not cooked on the top or burnt on the top and uncooked on the bottom.

  • The fan in my oven has stopped working or is making noise.

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Call us now for all your Oven Repair Madison needs.

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