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Ice Maker Repair Madison WI

The convenience of ice at your fingertips or coming straight from the refrigerator door is one of the best inventions of the modern refrigerator / freezer. The old way of filling trays with water and making your way to the freezer without spilling is becoming more a thing of the past. But with modern convenience, comes modern headaches when the Ice Maker stops working correctly. We have the cure for that headache when it comes to Ice Maker Repair. Appliance CARE technicians can fix all types of Ice Makers. Any make or model and any where they are located, be it in the door of the refrigerator / freezer or in the cooler of your in-home bar. We have the tools and technology to fix them all.

When making ice, the typical ice maker brings water into the appliance with a water line and an inlet valve. The solenoid on the inlet valve is triggered and lets water flow into the ice mold. The thermostat signals the Ice Maker to begin the cycle when it reaches the proper temperature. The motor starts to turn the ejector and an ice mold heater starts to heat the mold just enough to release the ice. The ice drops into the ice bin and pushes a shut off arm as the volume in the bin rises. Once it reaches the set level for a full bin, the ice maker will inactivate until the arm goes below the full level and needs to make more.

What could go wrong… right? Plenty! This process is one that is taken for granted until it doesn’t work and it’s hot outside, or you have cocktails to make for your dinner party guests and your ice maker malfunctions. When you think about it, the process of an automatic ice maker is pretty clever. 


We Solve These Stove Problems:

  • Leaking
  • Ice maker in the refrigerator door won’t dispense ice
  • Ice maker keeps filling with water, but won’t freeze
  • There is ice in the mold, but they won’t drop into the bin
  • Ice from the ice maker is dirty
  • Flecks of material in the ice
  • Trying to turn on but the water is not filling the mold
  • Bin is full but the ice maker won’t stop making ice
  • Ice that comes out of the ice maker tastes bad
  • I pushed my refrigerator back and pinched the water line
  • Water line coming into the refrigerator is leaking
  • Cubes are coming out smaller than they should
  • Moldy smell
  • Cubes coming from the ice maker have hollow spaces or bubbles in the ice

Coffee Pot Cleaning Tip:

When your vase or coffee pot is dirty you can use cold water, ice cubes and salt to clean the inside of the glass.

Fill the pot about 1/3 full of ice, just a cup of water and a teaspoon of salt. (Course salt works best for this.) You can add some lemon or lemon juice if you want to freshen up the pot as well.

Swish the ice around inside the vase or pot and the ice and salt will scrub the pot clean.

This will save using harsh chemicals or soaking in hot soapy water to clean the vase or coffee pot.

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